Want More Effective Engineers and Scientists? 

Gwen Acton, PhD, steps you through how to lead, engage, and inspire scientists and engineers to get the best productivity from your staff.

This book explains how they think, and how you can engage your most important resources to improve the business deliverability.

You’ll Learn:

  • Why Working with Scientists and Engineers Is Different.
  • How to Lead and Motivate Your Technical Team to Hit Business Goals (and Why It's Different).
  • How to Communicate Effectively With Your Scientists and Engineers.
  • How Making Just a Few Small Changes (With the Most Intelligent Department) Becomes the Most Cost Effective Improvement in the Organization.

  • The case studies were on target and also showed the entire group how much they have in common with each other...”

    Novartis Institutes for BioMedical Research

  • We gained some valuable insights on our culture and how it impacts our productivity, as well as some useful tools that we can apply to improve our ROI now.”


    Executive Director
  •  Gwen was able to elicit key issues for our group through work done before and during the retreat, and helped us identify barriers and facilitators to moving forward. She enabled us to focus on actionable items..."

    Harvard Medical School

    Associate Director
  • Thank you very much for your amazing course on Influence without Authority.  I really appreciate the work you are doing with training scientists how to move further up in leadership and business.”



Gwen Acton, PhD.

About the Author

Gwen Acton, PhD, is an expert on strategic leadership at the intersection of science and business. Prior to Vivo Group, Gwen served as Director of Scientific Development at the Whitehead Institute.  She ran the operations of the Functional Genomics Program overseeing operations for a $40 million, 50-person sponsored research project. 

Dr. Acton received a doctorate in biology from M.I.T. where she worked in
a Nobel-Prize winning laboratory. She next served as a faculty member at Harvard University in the department of Molecular and Cellular Biology.

Dr. Acton recently led the non-profit group Women Entrepreneurs in Science & Technology (WEST), where she expanded membership and programming by over 10-fold. She currently serves as a Chair of the Board of The Bioscience Network. 


Dr. Acton is the author of the book The Bluffer’s Guide to Genetics, published by Oval Books.

She has also authored industry reports published by the Cambridge Healthtech Institute, and has written over 50 freelance articles for organizations such as the Associated (AP), National Public Radio, and Technology Review Magazine. A popular speaker and facilitator, Dr. Acton is a member of the National Speakers Association